We do NOT ship the following Scicon cases because of the high incidence of damage to the bikes packed in them and to the cases themselves.

  • Aerocomfort 3.0 Road Bike Travel Bag

  • Aerocomfort 3.0 Triathlon Bike Travel Bag

  • Aerocomfort MTN Bike Travel Bag

  • Aerocomfort Tandem Bike Travel Bag

  • Soft Bike Bag - Travel Basic

  • Soft Bike Bag - Travel Plus

  • Soft Bike Bag - Travel Plus MTB

  • Soft Bike Bag - Travel Plus Triathlon

  • Pocket Bike Bag

  • Soft Bike Frame Travel Case

  • BMX Travel Bag

We DO ship the following HARD SIDED case: 

  • Scicon aerotech bike case

Please note that our Premium Protection Plan applies only to contents of a shipment, not to their containers (cases). Also per our Shipping Policy, all claims of damage or loss are void if “You did not ship in one of the cases listed in the drop down menu on our website.”

Bikes shipped in Scicon cases are typically damaged in one of three ways: 1) Tubes are subject to internal contact with the wheel’s hubs and/or other external objects through the case’s soft padding; 2) Handlebars, which remain installed during transit, do not sustain the lateral loads to which they are subjected during normal shipping conditions; and 3) Axles, dropouts and derailleurs are damaged as a result of the design of the mounting mechanism within these cases and/or because derailleurs are not removed prior to shipping. 

The maximum size package that you can ship using our service within the U.S. is 165 inches (419 cm), and your package cannot have a length greater than 108 inches (274 cm). The maximum size package you can ship internationally is typically 157 inches (399 cm) or less and varies by country.

Learn more about our shipment size limits as well as how to accurately measure your box or case for shipping.