The exact documents that you will have to provide will vary based on where you are shipping to and from. Certain countries require specific documentation while others do not.

We will likely ask you to provide the following:

-Confirmation of shipper and recipient information, including in-country phone numbers
-Packing list and description of goods
-Passport image and number including signature (digital image or scan including signature portion)
-Flight itinerary confirmation
-Employment letter / Student Letter / Written Statement
-Tax ID (TIN) in destination country (See also: Am I exempt from providing a tax ID for an international move/relocation?)

When you ship your bikes, wheels and gear for a move or relocation, your shipment will be categorized as “Personal Effects.” We suggest arranging your shipment to allow for up to two weeks for the customs clearance process. Please note that while we will submit all documentation to customs, they often will ask you to provide that same documentation multiple times throughout the shipping process. Due to the unpredictability of customs authorities, we cannot guarantee international delivery dates.