The exact documents that you have to provide depend on where you are shipping to and from and the purpose of your shipment. For most international shipments that are gifts, you will have to provide an invoice or other proof of value. 

Bikeflights will ask you for the following: 

  • -Confirmation of shipper and recipient information, including in-country phone numbers.
  •  -Copy of your sales receipt (such as a bike shop receipt, screenshot of eBay auction close or PayPal transaction) that describes the contents and displays the purchase price of the item(s) in your shipment. We can also accept a signed and dated written statement that details the items being shipped, their values and the involved parties.

When you ship a bike or gear that has been gifted, your shipment will be classified as “Commercial”. Clearance fees, based on item value, will be calculated while placing your order on our website. Customs will not accept values of $0 or trivial values, even for gifts between family members.