The exact documents that you need to provide depend on where you are shipping to and from. Certain countries require specific documentation that others do not. will ask you for the following:

  • Confirmation of shipper and recipient information, including in-country phone numbers.
  • Packing List and description of goods.
  • Passport image and number (digital image or scan).
  • Flight itinerary confirmation (if applicable).
  • Event registration

When shipping your bike for an event, your shipment will be classified as a “Temporary Import for Personal Use”. Most countries do allow you to temporarily bring your bike and gear into them for personal use during a sporting event. We suggest you book several weeks before your ship date. This will provide plenty of time for you to gather documents and for the clearance process. While transit time will take up to five days, the customs clearance process may take up to two weeks. Even though will forward all documentation to customs, they will often ask you to provide that documentation multiple times to make sure you are providing consistent answers.