If it has been more than 90 days since you moved to a new country, you can't send your bicycle or gear with a selected purpose of “Move/Relocation.” This is because most customs departments limit the time frame for sending personal effects for the purpose of an international move to 90 days after you’ve relocated. If a bicycle is moved outside of this time frame to the new country of residence, then customs then considers the bicycle to be a commercial import.

However, we still want to honor your ownership of your bike. Rather than using the full market value for your bicycle or gear, we recommend using either the "at cost" value or a nominal value for the bicycle ito ship it without incurring market rate duties and taxes. We would then declare the bicycle as "Commercial - No Sale" because the bicycle would not be sold upon import.

Please book this kind of shipment with a purpose of “Buy/Sell/Gift” on our website.