We recommend that you book the order and pay for the shipping label.

To help protect yourself from fraud, keep your personal payment information private at all times. Do not disclose payment information over the phone or by email to any business or third party.

Buying the shipping label directly through your Bikeflights account also enables you to easily make changes, refunds and updates to your Bikeflights order, and it gives you access to your order details and shipment status within your account.

Be sure to communicate directly with the seller to get the information you’ll need to book your shipment, like the package dimensions and weight, and find out by what date they can have your shipment ready. Then log into your Bikeflights account, book your shipment, and pay using your preferred personal payment method. Remember to forward your Bikeflights shipping label, along with the ship date and any pickup details, to the seller so they can have your bike or bike parts packed and ready to ship on time.

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