There may be one or more reasons you are getting an error or can’t submit the claim information requested. Here are some things to check:


1) Make sure every field the form requires is filled out.

Look for each gray "upload" prompt. Those indicate where you must upload a  file in JPG, JPEG or PNG format. PDFs cannot be uploaded.



2) Make sure the order number and tracking number match your BikeFlights order.

You can find the order and tracking numbers in the subject line of the original order confirmation email from BikeFlights. Contact our Support Team if you need help locating these numbers. Note: If our claim submission form isn't accepting the tracking number associated with the affected piece of your multi-piece shipment, please enter the master tracking number instead.


3) Confirm there are no spaces at the beginning of the data entered into text fields.

If you have a space in front of the text or numbers that you are entering into fields like the tracking number, order number, email address or phone number, for example, it will produce an error when you attempt to submit the claim form. Spaces are sometimes erroneously introduced when copying information and pasting it into our form.


4) Avoid special characters.

Some special characters (such as ; % # $ @ * & + = -  ( ) ? / \ , [ ] “ ‘  and @) are not accepted by our claims form. Beware unintentionally copying and pasting them into our claims form.  

5) Don’t have a repair estimate or the requested info?

Don’t worry! Please submit a placeholder such as a photo of your bike for now and our claims agents will collect the information after a claim has been submitted to our system!

If you continue to experience problems, try submitting your claim using a different web browser or on a different device. Make sure you have a stable internet connection while completing and submitting the form.


Thank you and please reach out to us if you have any further questions!