Yes, you can use Bikeflights to ship a wheelchair. Please note that proper packaging of your wheelchair is required.

There are size and weight limits to what you can ship with Bikeflights. Please see our Dimensions and Rates page for more information.

If you are shipping an electric wheelchair that contains a battery, it will be subject to the same shipping standards that apply to shipping electric bikes (e-bikes) with Bikeflights. When booking an electric wheelchair shipment, select “Complete E-Bike With Battery Installed” from the “Contents” drop down menu.

Electric wheelchairs contain lithium-ion batteries, which are potentially hazardous because if they are damaged, they can catch fire or explode. Therefore, you MUST follow additional e-bike-specific packing instructions prior to shipping your electric wheelchair, including leaving the battery packed in the wheelchair and powered down to less than 30% of charge.

Because electric wheelchairs have lithium-ion batteries, they can be shipped only via ground service within the contiguous US. They can NOT be shipped to Alaska or Hawaii, via air service or internationally.