You may ship your bike in most EVOC bike travel bags; however, certain EVOC bike travel bags are unsuitable for shipping with our service because they are too big.

EVOC cases you CAN ship with Bikeflights:
- Bike Travel Bag Pro
- Bike Travel Bag
- Bike Travel Bag XL
- BMX Travel Bag

EVOC cases you CAN’T ship with Bikeflights:
- Road Bike Bag Pro (exceeds maximum allowed size)

The maximum size package that you can ship using our service within the US is 165 inches (419 cm), and your package cannot have a length greater than 108 inches (274 cm). The maximum size package you can ship internationally is typically 157 inches (399 cm) or less and varies by country.

Learn more about our shipment size limits and how to accurately measure your box or case for shipping.