Our e-bike shipping service is for shipping single e-bikes with a fully functioning battery that is either contained within the bike’s frame or installed on the bike. Before shipping your e-bike, you must complete these five packing steps:

- Lower your battery charge to less than 30% to limit cell-to-cell combustion.
- Power off your battery, remove any keys, and ensure that your battery cannot turn “on” during transit.
- Protect your e-bike and its battery by using lots of extra-dense foam padding.
- Pack your e-bike into a large and sturdy box rated for e-bikes such as the Bikeflights Bike Box Large (BBL).
- Completely remove or completely cover ALL bulk shipping hazmat markings like these:

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information on e-bike shipping, including e-bike-specific packing instructions. See also our video about how to pack an e-bike for shipping.