It’s easy! First, go to Then enter your desired location by starting to type the relevant city, state or zip code. Specify a radius for your search.

We’ll return a list of shops and show you where they are on a map. Each shop listing will show store location and hours as well as contact info. You can filter results to identify shops in your area that offer the following services: packing & assembly; used boxes & packing material; ship to/from location; e-bike shipping; and mobile services. 

Bike shops can be busy and may not always have packing materials in stock. Contact shops well in advance of when you’ll need their services so they can get you on their schedule. Some shops prefer to handle both the packing and booking of your shipment while others will ask you to book after they pack. Whomever is booking is ultimately responsible for the accuracy of the order information including dimensions, weight and addresses as well as proper packing. They will also serve as Bikeflights’ primary point of contact for communications and receive labels and pickup confirmations. Whether your or the shop is doing the booking, it’s necessary to communicate with each other about shipment details before, during and after shipping.