Once you receive your completed label, print the two provided copies, and attach one copy to the outside of your box or case, and include one copy on the inside of your box or case. All shipments originating outside of the US will also receive three (3) copies of a customs invoice. Please attach all three copies to your box or case in a way that allows for customs access.

When shipping with a bike case, use a standard large luggage tag to attach hold the label and customs documentation (if applicable), and attach the luggage tag to a handle on your hard case or soft-sided case. Secure it in place around the handle with a zip tie.

When shipping with a cardboard box, attach one copy of your label and the three copies of your customs documentation (if applicable) on the outside of your box. You can use a self-adhesive label pouch provided by UPS (or similar) or use clear packing tape to attach them in a Ziploc bag.

Luggage tags and self-adhesive labels are available at most partner carrier's locations.

Finally, we suggest that you keep a copy of your label and customs forms should customs request this information again directly from you at any point during the shipment process.