Our estimated shipping transit times for international shipments DO NOT include possible delays that may occur during the customs clearance process. While most international shipments via BikeFlights.com will pass through customs without being delayed, some will get delayed in customs. 

If your shipment is delayed by customs, they will generally request additional information from you, or they may require you to resubmit the customs documentation already prepared and submitted. It can take 24-72 additional hours for information to be received and processed.

Once any re-requested information is received and/or any duties or taxes are paid, it can take another 24-72 hours from the time customs officials clear your package until it is back in the hands of carriers and goes out for delivery. Therefore, BikeFlights.com suggests that you select a delivery date for your bike and gear that is at least one week ahead of when you will need it there so as to allow time for possible delays in customs.

To get rates and transit times, visit our website and enter in the requested information.