We ship bikes, wheels and some gear internationally. We recommend NOT putting clothing and shoes in with your bike when shipping internationally because including these items can cause customs delays.

The following CAN be shipped internationally with Bikeflights:


The following CAN'T be shipped internationally with Bikeflights:

-Food such as energy bars, drinks, drink mix and gels
-Liquids such as tire sealant and bottled water
-Goods that are flammable, explosive, compressed, toxic, etc. such as lubes, degreasers, camp stove fuel, C02, lithium cells greater than 20Wh or lithium batteries greater than 100Wh
-Controlled goods and substances such as alcohol, medication and drugs
-Firearms and ammunition or parts thereof
-Fireworks and explosives

This is not an exhaustive list. What is permitted and prohibited varies by country. Please 
contact our Support Team for advice specific to your destination country.

Contents of all shipments MUST BE completely clean of dirt and excessive oils. Most countries do not allow incoming shipments of items that are dirty or muddy. Bikeflights suggests that you thoroughly clean your bike and gear prior to packing and shipping. A dirty bike or gear may be detained, and cleaning fees may be incurred if not properly cleaned ahead of shipment.