If you have recently moved or relocated and are shipping your used, personal bicycle, select Move/Relocation as your shipping purpose. If your shipment will occur more than 90 days after your move, or your shipment is headed to a second residence or vacation home, please contact our Support Team to determine which shipment purpose you should select.

Bikeflights will ask you for the following: -Confirmation of shipper and recipient information, including in-country phone numbers. -Packing List and description of goods. -Passport image and number (digital image or scan). -Flight itinerary confirmation -Employment letter -Visa / Employment letter / Visa Student Letter / Written statement -Tax ID (TIN) in destination country (See also "Am I exempt from providing a tax ID for an international Move/Relocation?) 

To see the documentation needed for this kind of shipment, please see "What documents do I need to provide if I'm shipping my bike internationally because I've moved?"

Due to the unpredictability of customs authorities, we cannot guarantee international shipment delivery dates.

When shipping your bike and gear because of a move, your shipment will be classified as “Personal Effects”. The customs clearance process may take up to two weeks. We suggest arranging your shipment to arrive with time to clear customs. Even though Bikeflights will forward all documentation to customs, they often request documentation multiple times to make sure they are receiving consistent answers.