Our labels arrive in your email inbox as a .pdf formatted file. You can print them yourself at home or at work, or if you are traveling, you may be able to print them at your hotel. Our partner carriers and partner bike shops are often able to print your label for you. We suggest that you contact them in advance to confirm that they can do so and to find out if they charge a fee for doing so.

Once labels are received via email, they can be forwarded to any email. Simply click forward, enter the recipients email address, and be sure to select "include attachment" when you click send.

To prevent the loss or delay of your bike shipment, please follow these instructions on how to attach your labels:

  1. Remove all old labels and markings from the outside of your box or case. This includes shipping labels, barcodes, HAZMAT and warning stickers, etc.

  2. Place one page of your label bundle inside your box or case.

  3. Cut the second page of your label bundle in half. Affix new shipping label (with barcode) AND shipping info (without barcode) separately to the outside of your box or case. If using a cardboard box, attach them via tape or two label pouches. If using a hard or soft case, attach them using two luggage tags.

The label will come with two copies and instructions listed: