You can easily ship to a UPS location or ship from a UPS location. UPS Customer Centers will receive and hold shipments at no charge, and you can also drop off your shipments there at no charge. However, if you are shipping to a UPS Store, we suggest that you contact the UPS Store location prior to shipping to let them know that your bike will be coming. Please be aware some UPS Store locations will NOT accept and hold shipments, and some may charge additional fees for receiving and holding shipments or for serving as a dropoff location.

When shipping to a UPS location, enter it in the "ship to" field when you book. Start by typing "UPS" and location's city and state, and then select the correct UPS location from the suggestions offered. Whenever you book a UPS location as your “ship to” location, you should also enter YOUR first and last names and YOUR phone number. Entering your phone number rather than the UPS location's phone number makes it easier for UPS location staff to contact you once your bike arrives. If you are shipping from a UPS location, you should enter YOUR first and last names, YOUR local address and YOUR phone number so that your address functions like a return address should there be any issues in transit.