Some Mac-based email applications display our attached shipping labels differently than others. If you can't find your label and are using a Mac, look for the paperclip icon near your name at the top right hand corner of the taskbar. Click the paperclip, and you'll see the attachment in the drop down.


To prevent the loss or delay of your bike shipment, please follow these instructions on how to attach your labels:

  1. Remove all old labels and markings from the outside of your box or case. This includes shipping labels, barcodes, HAZMAT and warning stickers, etc.
  2. Put Label 1 inside your box or case, in the event that your outside labels become unreadable or are removed during transit.
  3. Affix Labels 2 and 3 to the outside of your box or case. If using a hard or soft case, affix labels using a luggage tag.

The label will come with three copies and instructions listed: