The best method for attaching your label varies by container type.

- If shipping in a cardboard box, first clean the surface of your box and then attach your paper label using a self-adhesive pouch or clear packing tape, or stick on a thermal label. 
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- If shipping in a bike travel case, attach your label using a luggage tag and zip tie. Luggage tags are available at most UPS partner locations, or you can make your own. 
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To prevent the loss or delay of your bike shipment, please follow these instructions on how to attach your labels:

- Remove all old labels and markings from the outside of your box or case. This includes shipping labels, barcodes, HAZMAT and warning stickers, etc.
- Print both pages of your paper label bundle.
- Put one page inside your box or case.
- Cut the other page in half and attach both pieces separately to the outside of your box or case. The piece with the barcode is your actual label, and the piece without the barcode is your Shipping Info Summary.

The Shipping Info Summary sheet on the inside and outside of your box and case contains key details about your shipment, which help us get your shipment back on track more quickly in case your label becomes unreadable or is removed during transit.