Per our Best Way Guarantee, if you are shipping your bike for any purpose and your bike does not arrive on time, we will refund your shipping costs for that stage minus any Premium Protection purchased or any Buck Up For Bikes donations made. If you are shipping your bike for an event, vacation or trip, and it is not delivered on schedule, we will also rent you a bike until your bike arrives at a cost of up to $100 per day (up to $500 total). Proof of rental cost is required. If your bike does not arrive on time, please contact Support, and provide your tracking number.

The Delivery Guarantee does not apply if

  1. Bike is not picked up as scheduled;
  2. Delivery attempt is unsuccessful or refused;
  3. Bike is not dropped off as scheduled at a UPS Store or UPS Customer Care Center for shipments with UPS labels or at a FedEx Office Print & Ship Center location for shipments with FedEx labels; 
  4. Bike is rerouted or requires a delivery address correction after shipping;
  5. Bike is shipped during a period when’s partner carrier is not providing a delivery guarantee (such as certain holiday periods); 
  6.’s partner carrier experiences service interruptions due to weather, natural or man-made disasters, insufficient packaging, shipping of prohibited items, insufficiently attached labels or delays due to customs.


All delivery guarantee requests must be submitted within seven (7) days of delivery.